Luciferianism and Satanism – brief comparison

A brief comparison of Luciferianism and Satanism

mythology and the ascension of the human will with Michael W. Ford


Satanism: rational self interest and self motivation to achieve physical or material success.

Luciferianism: is about doing that exact same things but you are intertwining a spiritual pattern and utilizing magical practice to continually develop the self and expand consciousness through knowledge and self experience.

Common traits: motivation of self will desire and interest, rebellion against religious tyranny and fear based religions.

Fear is a murdering force against humanity’s growth.

Luciferian religions main pillar is rebellion against restrictive thought, dogma and a continuing strengthening of will. And also discovering the god or goddess within and balancing that with your here and now life.

Luciferian faith is something that is discovered by practice and breaking down your fear barrier.


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