Lucis Trust President Speaks

Lucis Trust President Speaks

Sarah McKechnie is the International President of the Lucis Trust which was founded by Alice and Foster Bailey in 1922 and orginally named the Lucifer Publishing Company, to release Alice’s writings which examined the principles and secrets of the Ageless Wisdom. Out of the Trust came The Arcane School, a free correspondence program that helps to develop the spiritual consciousness of an international student body, while guiding them in the growing awareness of their soul’s true purpose. Lessons are taught in eight languages and emphasizes study, meditation and service to humankind.

Today we learn about the life and times of Alice Bailey and her mentor Madame Helena Blavatsky, then McKechnie helps to clarify the so-called controversial threads of the Lucis Trust, from what inspired Bailey to name the organization after history’s most famous fallen angel Lucifer; why they await the world teacher known as the Maitreya, if they take a position on population control and if the Trust’s United Nations affiliated World Goodwill movement is part of a new world oder agenda for the establishinment of global governance.

Like Alice Bailey, Sarah McKechnie is taking her professional and spiritual journey thorough life with her husband Dale McKechnie who serves as the Lucis Trust Vice President.

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